In the Presence of Strangers…

Allow me to paint you a picture, my beloved reader.

Imagine walking into a room full of people, not knowing anyone. No one at all, and you’re all alone. That’d be awkward right? And not, First-Day-Of-School awkward…No this awkwardness is different… Let’s go further.

So as you awkwardly hold up your corner of the room, you get that feeling…That odd feeling that something is going on in the room that you don’t know about…That feeling that someone is talking about you…You start to feel on edge, and anxious…And then you notice…You notice that the people around you are glancing over your way, whispering, giggling, cutting eyes your way…And its confirmed. They are talking about you…and not in a good way either.

Reaaaaal awkward right?

Now let’s add one more thing to the pot…Those people that were talking, and glancing, and whispering….Those were your family. Not like “Oh that’s my play cousin! We close like family!,” No…This was flesh and blood.

This is what I felt this past two days, while attending my Father’s mom’s funeral.

You see, there is a division, it seems, in my family. On my father’s side, there has been a longstanding conflict that somehow involves us. Now what that conflict is, I have no clue. And this is why it hurts to see that it effects how that side of the family treats myself, my sister, and my mother. We have had no part in anything that might have created this bias towards us. And it doesn’t help that 1) We never see our Father’s side of the family and 2) There is this tension and bias built up towards us. Its kinda hard to make a first impression when people have an image for you.

And I’m not stupid. I can pick up on things. I know what they probably think…They probably think that we are bougie…that we are better than them…that they are beneath them. Why? Your answer is as good as mine. Is it because I don’t speak? Well, I don’t speak because I DON’T KNOW YOU! I would love to learn about my family. I mean that’s FAMILY! That’s BLOOD! But, when someone doesn’t make it easy open up and speak…and when people don’t give you that chance…How do you get to know them? They have closed themselves to you. And you are left feeling alienated. A stranger. A foreigner.

Do you know how that feels? Do you know that hurt? Can you feel that pain? It feels like part of me died along with my Grandmother. A part of me that I will never, or at least it seems that way, get to know. Who knows how many friendships that could have been formed? Who knows the laughs that could have been shared?  The bonds that could have been formed…

All lost…

Due to WHAT?

Something petty, that doesn’t even involve me or my sister or my mother to begin with?!

I am in pain. I am angry. My heart hurts. And I don’t know what to do….

And please note, not all of my father’s side is like that… I love them all. I hold nothing against them.

There is nothing to hold against them.

Marinating On This...

I wonder what Grandma would do…


Rock Candy

So I really like the candy called Gushers! -Ima fatty so sue me! lol-

They are fruity little candies made of taffy, I think :-/, and in the middle of those gushers is a sweet liquid. A whole box can get gone some days with me. lol

But tonight, I’m not talking about Gushers as it relates to my love of candy, but rather, how it relates to people. People who have this tough exterior but are really…just not that.

I feel as though I, personally, people would  have a much easier time being themselves. Though, of course, we live in a time where many people feel that this is not the case. Call it a front, call it defense mechanism, call it what you will, but faking the funk will never be a success. Yes, you may feel you have won for some brief moment or even an extended amount of time, but there will come a time when all of it comes down like a mountain crashing down on you.

I relate it to a rockslide…Now rockslides can be a huge and tragic occurence. And what’s so amazing about it is that it can be started by the smallest little pebble. Now think, you can pretend that you are “hard” or nonchalant or what have you, and fakeout people around you. You can even try to fake yourself out…But you can’t. Because in the back of your mind, there is that true part of you that rebels against everything that you are doing. And that little thought, that little piece of you, is enough to bring down your whole fake persona.

That’s why some people who SAY they don’t need people, can’t be alone. They don’t want to face themselves. They don’t want to hear that little voice that knows that what you’re doing is bullshit. And you know it too.

And of course, with rockslides there is collateral damage. So don’t think that you will be the only one hurt in it. People around you who liked you for who you truly were will be alienated from you, and the people who know you for your persona will ridicule you for being someone you’re not.

So many times I will statuses on facebook, or tweets on twitter, that read something like “I dont care about your feelings Ima do me!” or some kind of similar thing and I immediately think “….But if you dont care…why say anything about it? Your just letting the person your tweeting about, me, and everyone else know that you actually care MORE.” Sadly, those people will contend that they don’t care. Rather ironic when saying you don’t care means I do care.

But I will stop this rant blog about these Gusher people, and their rockslides…I only wish that they could see what everyone else clearly does.

Gone and Marinate on that


Rebuilding Season

As many people who have followed this blog can tell, I have not been very faithful in updating my blog. Yet, I had noooo idea that I have been THIS neglectful of it! My God! I looked at my stats today, and it was pathetic.  I felt sick to my stomach from lookin at it. I was used to moderate numbers when I was faithful in my upkeep of this blog, with numbers ranging from15-20 views a day…Some days I would hit that 30-40 range when I had some hot shit to say. But now, those numbers have plummeted.

And it was rightly deserved.

Because you can’t expect for something to cultivate, grow, progress, or even stay at certain level, without some sort of time being invested in it. For instance, let’s say that you lift weights and your bench max is 300. You cannot, and you will not, be able to just quit lifting and expect to be able to lift that when you decide to come back. And if you think you can, you are sorely mistaken…or will soon be sorely mistaken.

Same thing holds true with your mind. If you are use to certain level of thinking, and then just stop involving yourself in a upper level of critical thinking, you will not be as sharp as you once were.

Thankfully, in both cases, you can attain and surpass your old accomplishments by re-dedication and effort.

I have to rebuild this blog, and my life.

I guess it will start with this first brick/ blog.



I have been listening to Fabolous’  mixtape series There Is No Competition 1&2- Funeral Service a LOT lately. And I don’t know if it is the music, the message in the music, or what have you…But I have been HUNGRY lately. Like, not hungry like my stomach telling me I need food or something. I’m talking about that brain hunger…I been in need of brain food, of some good shit that will fill my mind, my imagination, and spirit.

And I already know what that means….More writing.

Back to the one thing that satisfies me like no other thing….well….Scratch that…MOST other things. lol

I have to do it because I’m malnourished. I see other people eating good like they eating buffet-style, they are getting fat from all the rich material that they are covering. And they are eating veraciously too! Like they will never eat again…I need to get back to that. I lost weight in the Writing Game… Time to bulk back up.

Getting back on my grind cause I gotta eat.

Marinating Tiiiiiiiiime…..



You know, its been a looooooong time since I have been on my blog.

A reallllll long time…And probably even longer since I have written something I felt very passionate about.

What is it that has distracted me from writting? From my love? From my passion?

To be honest, I think its just been the stupid shit I have been involving myself in and not been involving myself in. Way too many times I find myself being involved in frivolous activities that are not productive, or conducive to anything I’m doing in my life (i.e Drinking, Smoking, Dangling…). As far as other activities, I haven’t been getting involved with anything worthwhile so that I will MAYBE have something to write about.

I believe a re-dedication is in order.

God gives us gifts to use…He gave me the gift of writting…

And just as He gives…He can take away.

So I will endeavor to get back to doing what I love, and what God has blessed me to do.


Making Love

I wanna make love


I wanna make love?

You know

Ever since I came…err…

Since I arrived on the sex scene

I have heard about it…

But never been about it

So Tonight baby…

I wanna make love

But before I lay down the…foundations

We gotta build up the tensions

Its hard work babe

Ya might blow your back out


But it will be worth it I promise

My Worker’s Compensation is worthwhile

We are a team

Just work with me

I can’t do this myself

I mean..I tried to make it myself

But I always felt a part missing

I guess thats what sex is huh?

But tonight baby

We’re making love

Its hard work babe

A lot of sweating

A lot of grunting


Might even let out a scream or two

Im not the perfect architect

But I know I have the perfect partner

Wouldn’t think of making something so big

So great

With anyone else

I mean…I tried it out with others before

They could never get it right

They weren’t in it for the long haul

I guess thats what sex is huh?

But tonight honey

We’re making love

And the work can get a lil dangerous

We gotta protect ourselves…

Don’t want anything to get messed up

Makin love is a delicate thing you know?

And I want it to be perfect for you

…But what am I saying?

Im making love with you

Thats perfect

So baby bring your tools

Your love

Your body

Your kiss

Your smile

Your everything

Because tonight

We’re Making Love

Make Love...


Off The Top…Just A Feeling

I realize its been a long time since I have posted…My apologies to anyone who faithfully reads and visits my blog. So, to tide everyone over until I get a topic that garners enough interest in me to write about, this is what I will write.

Closed eyes

Paint a portrait of you

As I lay awake

Wishing to gently brush against your skin

Stoke you

With the skill of an artist

Night is the canvas

On which I paint your image

Your eyes twinkle

You’re a star in your own right

Glad you fell from Heaven’s Door

And into my skies

My eyes

Behold an Angel

I am so blessed

God smiled upon me


My spirit has found a mate

So come

Let me paint this portrait of love

So that everyone will know

I fell in love with an Angel

On this night

Let me paint this portrait of love

So that our love

Will be known


Let me paint this portrait with love

So others will look on and say

“This is what true love is”

This Me. Stew, Myself.

Rockin Robin

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